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Many Benefits of Dr. Toy's Best Products Award Programs


Dr. Toy cannot be influenced by commercial considerations. Her website Dr. Toy's Guide ( was the first on the Internet with an extensive review of toys. She is the only Ph.D. and independent resource to assist consumers to obtain the best and most timely information about products, play, and other relevant topics. Consumers and buyers know this and, therefore, recognize her information is valid with her focus on the needs of the whole child, family and teachers.

Value of Award:

Dr. Toy's award is widely recognized by parents, grandparents, professionals, retail buyers, and others as representing the highest standards of quality, safety, innovation, and educational and skill building attributes. The winners are posted on Dr. Toy's Guide, with information including a product description, full color photo, retail price, company link and customer service number.

Your company will have use of our distinctive Award Seal on site, in advertising, publicity, and product promotion. Winners receive an order form. Your graphic designer may adapt the Dr. Toy award to fit specific packaging, size, and promotional needs. Your company is not charged a fee to use the Dr. Toy award seal on your site. The order form allows you to obtain award seals to best fit your product packages by applying seals or printing.

Range of Products:

Dr. Toy offers the most pertinent information about the best products from among large, medium, small and start-up companies from the USA, Canada and around the world.

Wide Distribution:

Millions regularly learn about Dr. Toy's Best Products Award Programs through press releases and interviews with Dr. Toy. Reports are sent to parent and professional organizations including NAEYC, Head Start, Child Care, PTA, trade publications, and many others. Dr. Toy's timely articles on varied topics about play and toys are distributed to newspapers, websites, magazines, and other media throughout the world.

Visibility in Media:

The media covers Dr. Toy's "Best" Classic, Green, Vacation, 100 Best, Best Picks, Back to School. and Holiday Gifts Awards Programs and utilizes our product reports, which are widely replicated. Dr. Toy responds to media around the world throughout the year. Dr. Toy's articles are distributed to newspapers, magazines, and web sites. Award-winning products through Dr. Toy's Guide receive increased visibility in local and national newspapers, parent publications, magazines, television and radio. Dr. Toy covers all learning through play and related topics. Dr. Toy discusses merits of play, products, and parenting throughout the year. Your company greatly benefits from expanded media exposure.

Free to Consumers:

Dr. Toy's Best Products recommendations have the greatest possible distribution since there is no purchase, travel, or hidden requirements. Our program does not require consumers to purchase anything to learn about your products. Your company is not charged a fee to use the Dr. Toy award seal on your site. An order form offers you to obtain award seals to fit your product packages.

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