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Tetris Brain Teasers

MasterPieces Puzzle Co. -

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Age range   6 years thru 12 years      

Toy Type   AC   CO   CP   ES   GE   MA   PZ   TY  

Tetris 3-D Brain teasers, puzzles and card games are great new products. Tetris® has become more than just a recreational activity as it's grown from a simple computer game to a global phenomenon. By embracing the universal desire to create order out of chaos, the Tetris® game provides intellectual sport, thinking, and continuous fun, just like MasterPieces' puzzles. Bringing this classic game to the next generation, the Tetris Layered Brainteaser features three different layers of tetrimino puzzle pieces, ready to be layered, turned, flipped, and fit together. The Tetris cube is a 3-D Tetris block challenge. The card game features all of the well-known Tetris shapes in a fun card game all ready to play and assemble.

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